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== Morph: (orange colored guy) Morph is the main character. His cousin Chaz (creamish-white colored guy), is mischievous. Morph gets his name because he can alter his shape into anything at all. Grandmorph (the orange colored guy with the beard) owns a Microelectronic Word-processing machine, which got Morph into wrtiting a book all about himself called, The Amazing Adventures of Morph.

But, they aren't the only characters.

Gillespie (he's the tall blue guy) is dim-witted, but still a good friend.

Folly is the girl with the silver skin.

Delilah is the brown girl. She has a tendency to be pushy and rude.

Nailbrush (The brush) is Morph's "dog".

The little jellybean like creatures surrounding most of the characters are called The Very Small Creatures. They appear every now and then. They appear to be very athletic.

Gobbledygook (not pictured) is an alien who has a monstrous appetite. His mother (also not pictured) also appears.


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